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63% of Christian men have been involved in porn in the last 12 months

50-70% of men struggle with sex issues

35% of Penthouse readership claim to be Christian

25% of Christian men have had an affair

22-27% of pastors are sex addicts (about same % as general population)

There are over 60,000 porn sites

There are over 200 new porn sites added per day

The number of people visiting porn sites doubled last year

21 million people visit porn sites each month
The top 5 porn sites get about 50 million hits each month.

1 in 4 people visit porn sites at least once a month

70% of porn traffic occurs from 9-5 (on the job)

In Jan 2000 60% of all web visits were sexually related

If you search on the word Chastity: 158,000 hits
If you search on the word Porn: 11.6 million hits

8-23% surfing the net are visiting adult sites

$1 billion spent on cyberporn 1999; billion in next 5 years

Divorce rates virtually the same inside and outside the church, 50%+
Exception: the divorce rate higher among Christians in the Bible belt

Domestic abuse and addiction rates about the same between Christians & non

35-52% of population claim to be believers