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Addiction Assessment
Answer the following questions. Answering yes to more than 1 or 2 of these indicates a problem with sexual issues, and your need to seek help.

l. Do you sense that your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors are causing problems in your life?

2. Have sexual thoughts interfered with your ability to function at work of at school?

3. Do you worry that your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors are more powerful than you are?

4. Do you sometimes think that you are the only person who has certain thoughts of engages in certain sexual behaviors?

5. Do you fail to meet commitments or fail to carry out responsibilities because of your sexual behaviors?

6. Do you struggle to control or to completely stop your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors?

7. Do you fantasize about sex, or masturbate, of engage in sexual activity with another person in
order to escape, deny, or numb your feelings?

8. Do you think about sex either more or less than you would like to?

9. Do you think of yourself as a person who has no sexual thoughts or desires whatsoever?

10. Do you think that there is something wrong or abnormal regarding the frequency of sexual activity that you have or wish to have?

11. Do you spend more money than you can afford to spend on sexual activities?

12. Does it seem as though there is an other person or force inside you that drives you to be sexual?

13. Do you have two standards of fidelity-one for you and one for your partner?

14. Do you think you would be happy if only you had enough sex and/or just the right partner(s)?

15. Do you feel empty or shameful after having sexual fantasies or engaging in sexual activity?

16. Do you feel obligated to have sex?

17. Have you ever promised yourself that you would never again have another sexual relationship?

18. Do you find it necessary to fantasize during sexual activity?
19. Do you set the rules regulating the frequency of your sexual activities?

20. Do you dress in such a way as to make your body appear undesirable?

21. Do you set rules regarding when, how, or with whom you can be sexual and then break those rules?

22. Do you use sexual thoughts and/or behaviors to deal with, deny, of avoid problems in your life?

23. Do you use threats or promises in order to have sexual activity with another persons?

24. Do you sometimes find yourself being sexual or flitting with someone and wondering how it happened?

25. Do you risk legal problems in order to be sexual?

26. Have you stayed in a marriage of relationship only because you thought that relationship somehow protected you from being promiscuous?

27. Do you think that your sexual abilities are the most important qualities you have to offer another person?

28. Are you fearful of seeking medical attention for injuries related to your sexual activities?

29. Do you anxiously anticipate or fear trips out of town because of what you think you might do sexually while your away?

30. When you have child care responsibilities, do you put a higher priority on masturbating or being sexual than you do on the welfare of the child(ren) in your care?

31. Do your sexual thoughts and/or behavior interfere with your spiritual or religious life? Do your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors cause you to believe that you don't deserve to have a religious or spiritual life?

32. Are you afraid of being alone with children for fear of being sexual with them?

33. Have your sexual thoughts and/or behaviors led you to consider suicide, castration, of self-mutilation?

34. When you are in a relationship with someone, do you try to make sure that another sex partner will be available to you in case anything goes wrong with the first relationship?
35. Do you stay in unsatisfying, painful, humiliating, or otherwise unhealthy relationships only so that you can continue to be sexual with someone?

36. Do you spend time with people you don't like or respect, hoping that you will have an opportunity to be sexual with them?

37. Do you have sex with your partner even when he or she is ill?

38. Does your sexual partner complain about your need for sex or your sexual behavior? Does he or she refuse to participate in certain sexual activities with you?

39. Do you either minimize of exaggerate the facts when discussing your sexual life with others?

40. Have you ever tried to stop your sexual activity in an effort to end a painful relationship or
behavior pattern?

41. Do you initiate sexual activity with a partner before he or she is awake?

42. Do you have chronic medical problems with your sex organs?

43. Do you put yourself in danger by not taking reasonable precautions os by going to unsafe places in order to have sex?

44. Have you lost a job or risked losing a job because of your sexual behavior?

45. Do your sexual behaviors cause you to violate the ethical standards, principles, and/or oaths of your profession?

46. Do you scan printed material (novels, newspapers, magazines) or change channels on the television set just to find something that will stimulate you sexually?

47. Do you regularly engage in fantasies involving self--abuse of other kinds of physical abuse?

48. Do you trade material things (dinner, drugs, money) for sex?

49. Do your sexual behaviors lead you to risk injury, illness, or death?

50. Have your sexual behaviors led to treatment or hospitalization?

51. Do you masturbate after having sex?

52. Have you injured yourself due to the frequency, intensity, or nature of your masturbation or other sexual activities?
53. would you rather masturbate than be sexual with a Partner?

54. Do you spend time looking through windows, hoping that you might see something that will stimulate you sexually?

55. Do you follow people on the street, pick up hitchhikers, or drive around in your cat, hoping that these activities will lead you to a sexual encounter?

56. Do you undress, masturbate, or engage in sexual activities in places where strangers are
likely to see you?

57. Do you feel compelled to dress a certain way or to take part in certain rituals in order to masturbate or to be sexual with another person?

58. Do you seek out crowds so that you can tub against people or otherwise be in close physical
contact with strangers?

59. Do you make phone calls to strangers in order to talk about sex or masturbate?

60. Do you masturbate while driving?

61. Have you ever been sexual with animals?

62. Have you replaced a collection of pornographic material after destroying one collection and vowing never to purchase pornography again?