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The Herron Files
I am interested in exploring the natures of interdependency and contingency in my art work. (I become somewhat obtuse when I try to articulate my thought and feeling about art in general.) I am sometimes moved to philosophize as I ponder the fragile nature of my own art work.

When Iím painting I am doing art. This activity is like going on a pilgrimage, it puts me in contact with creative reality. I work directly with simple materials and I work passionately with familiar subjects.

I sense that my art work sometimes transcends my attempts at self-expression, as well as the wood and paint with which it is made.

This condition of the simple and profound operating in tandem is the wellspring from which I draw my images.

I also have a commitment to a loose painterly style, as I paint with rapid execution and spontaneity. This, however, is at times coupled with a "delicacy orf detail." I like my art to express in some manner an independent existence of what is excellent. Art as such reveals what we are and so its sense of unity seems mysterious becasue it resists the easy patterns of fantasy.

I enjoy painting and drawing with colored pencils. Click below to find examples of each.

Art Shows I've done