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Click on one of the "zip files" below to download the Men's Integrity Group System (MigS) we use in our groups to use in running groups in your own church.

Both files are identical. The self-extracting file will automatically place a folder on your desktop. This one is quicker. However some networks prohibit this type of download. If so, download the "zip" file.
MigS self-extracting
MigS zip File
If you can't download either of these, contact us (below) and request a CD. We'll be happy to mail you one.
We begin our support groups on the lighter side. This file contains jokes I've collected over the years. I keep getting requests from my guys for jokes, so here they are.

While I've gotten more sensitive over the years, I make no guarantees about the appropriateness of some of the jokes. I've always steered clear of the dirty jokes, but I can't say the same about jokes in, what shall I say(?) bad taste. Some may be offensive because of stereotypes (blond jokes, ethnic groups, etc).

I also don't claim them all to be funny...

Use at your own discretion.
The following is a high resolution graphic of our logo. Feel free to use this logo in brochures, posters, power point presentations, etc. to promote the Men's Integrity Group in your church.
MiG Logo